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Hello Everyone, First off, I :redbeathe you all! I don't know what I would do without this thread :up: With that being said, I could really use advise/opinions/suggestions/WWYD, etc. I am married... Read More

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    I think I will pursue the Doula position, I love it so far! I would be very happy with it, it sounds a little promisi.g, and I can be home more with my Little One
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    Thanks so much, everyone!!!
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    You might want to check out this organization for info on becoming a doula in your state:

    Good luck!
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    I ended up going to school when my daughter (now 4) was a baby. After the LPN year I had a choice to continue on for another year or to stop at the LPN stage. I chose to stop at this point and time. I was working part time, and doing school full time. When I was home I was doing homework/studying. I am a LPN now which allows me to make alot more than I did as a CNA but to also concentrate on my daughter. I second the thought that they are only young once. I plan to go back when my daughter is grown or doesn't need me as much.