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Esme12, always know the right words to say and how to say them. She always offers virtual hugs, wisdom, and great advice. Even in the heated threads, when she posts she resets the tone of the thread and everyone seems to simmer... Read More

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    Yes, she's cool and gets props from me on her helpful advice and worksheets. Two thumbs up!
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    Quote from barnstormin'
    I agree As a new nurse who is struggling I read many posts on AN looking for insight and ecouragment and I end up feeling not so alone. Even though I don't post much myself, I always feel better when I've read a bit of Esme12's wisdom and kindness. A nurse to be emulated.
    Yes, she always makes me feel a little better. She doesn't ever seem to forget that there is a person on the other side of the screen and remembers that everyone was once a young nurse or person that was unsure of their direction.

    Thanks, Esme12, for having such patients, understanding, and wisdom. Also, thank you for sharing it with all of us.
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    You are all welcome....(you're checks are in the mail by the way....) to not remember how scared I stupid I overwhelming it all was.....the terror to realize I was the one in charge....would be lying. I don't believe that in admitting your fears makes you any less strong or competent I think a healthy does of fear keeps you humble and makes you safe. IMHO......Those who don't share their knowledge really don't have it themselves to give away.
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    Esme12 does rock. Thanks for being there for us.
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    After 3 days of joining this site, i also found the same...I privately messaged Esme12 & thank her. Wonderful, wonderful comments, advice, insights & knowledge she gives. My warm hugs to you Esme12 !!!
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