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I took the job. Been a MedSurg RN for a little over a year, small town medsurg. LPN 1 yr, and CNA 3yrs prior...anyway...Learned some great stuff, but needed to get into more learning and exposure to more acute pt's. Have always... Read More

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    I took a pay cut when I became a nurse.
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    I took a 7 dollar pay cut from Rehab nursing to a Pediatric Facility nursing as an LPN...that hurt...stayed there when I became an RN, increased 3 dollars...New job dollar increase, but get differentials, plus clinical ladder increases.
    It was worth the pay cut to eventually move up in salary.
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    Did the same thing you are doing for the some of the same reasons.
    had a LPN position where I had worked in the same facility for almost 10 yrs. but was in a place where they didn't want me to work in other departments, I felt traped, felt like I couldnt grow. so went to another facility 20 miles from my old facility where they allowed me to work in just about all departments. took a $3 pay cut but -- Better benifits, Better education program which reimbursed me for my RN. now making more that I ever expected. : ) (but if the truth were known I would do this job without pay)

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