Looking for a someone w/BSN to interview for a Health professions seminar class

  1. Hello! I am in a Health professions seminar class and I have to write a paper on all the aspects of my chosen profession (nursing, of course) including an interview with someone in my chosen profession.

    I am currently waiting to hear if I've been accepted into my school's BSN program, so I am done with all my pre req's (taking one co-req right now). I should find out later this month if I've been accepted.

    If you would kindly take the time to answer these questions and email me your responses to theroyaladvisor at gmail.com (I still cannot send pm's) I would really appreciate it I also need your name and position.

    here are the questions:

    1. How long have you worked in this field?
    2. Why did you choose this profession?
    3. What kind of educational requirements did you go through for this career?
    4. Please briefly describe your career (major responsibilities)
    5. What do you like most in your job? (example)
    6. What do you like least in your job? (example)
    7. Are you satisfied with the salary you receive?
    8. How long do you plan to continue in your current job?
    9. How do you handle (balance) work and family responsibilities?
    10. Would you recommend your profession to someone else (younger person)? Yes or no, and why?

    TIA I am looking forward to your responses
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