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  1. Question: i'm a newly licensed RN that just started in a level I trauma center ER and i'm considering future certifications. I'm planning on getting my CEN but i'm also considering a CCRN. historically ccrn was only for ICU type units. Is this still true today? Is there a way I can find out if a level I trauma center is considered critical care also for CCRN purposes . Not sure if it matters but the center I work in has a connected ER & OR- separated by 2 doors. Also, the ER and OR staff also work together in code room which its in ER.Any info regarding CCRN and level I Trauma centers relation is appreciated...
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    You know, you should post this in the ER forum.... ER nurses hang there
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    Sorry. New to the forum posting and to the cite. Unaware there is an ER section...
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    There is no longer a requirement to have worked in an intensive care unit. The only requirement is to have accumulated 1750 practice hours in the last two years, with 875 in the most recent year.

    If you have any other questions, most of them will be answered by visiting the
    CCRN Initial Eligibility Requirements site.