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Letter of Recommendation, signed or not?

  1. 0 Hello, I am a recent LVN grad and have started collecting my letters of recommendation. I'll use these to get into RN school, as well as if anyone in the job hunt requests them.

    My question is, are these letters "better" if they're signed by my instructors? Like, can they just email me a letter (without a 'true' signature) or would I be better off getting a hard copy snail-mailed to me with their signature on it?
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    An unsigned letter of recommendation isn't worth much, IMO. An unsigned letter could just as easily have been written by the person supposedly being recommended. If I am unwilling to sign a letter of recommendation for someone, I just decline to write one.

    It should also bear a letterhead from the school or facility where the people doing the recommending work.
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    If they have enough time to do a letter of recommendation they will usually be very willing to sign it.
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    I used email letters for positions I was applying for online; what my letter writer did was put it on letter head and physically sign it, then scanned it in for me.
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    It is a pain but generally letters of recommendation should be dated and personalized to one recipient not a generic letter that you can copy and include with anything.