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I have worked in several different facilities and have several different experiences with last names on name badges. In a recent post regarding color coding scrubs r/t hospital role a reply was posted which made reference about a... Read More

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    My first and last name are on the badge. I've not had any problems. That said, my phone number is listed under my maiden name and I live a fair distance away from work.

    People who work in the ED and psych have their first name, along with their titles, on the badges. (Elvish, RN)

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    Quote from GooeyRN
    The psych place I work does not put last names on badges. The med/surg hospital I work DOES. I have no problem with that. It is a small community hospital, and everyone already knows who I am and where I live anyway. There really is no hiding your name there, since most of the patients are my neighbors and/or people from the church I attend. If it were a city hospital, I would cover it with tape.

    You must live in Mayberry with
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    I'm not worried. My name is so generic and commonplace, that someone would need to do some research to find exactly which person I am in any directory.
    Doctors appear in the papers with full names and pictures; I wonder if they have problems with harassment?
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    2 of my coworkers and myself have had men show up at our front doors wanting to "thank" us for our great care. All 3 had found us in the phone book and by asking about where we lived (from coworkers). None of the 3 of us were home alone at the time, thank goodness, and our husbands let the men know that we are already taken. After reporting this to HR, last names went off of badges, and training added so that information was not given out. Luckily, my facility feels that privacy works both ways, not just in favor of the patient!
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    If some guy showed up at my front door I would ask him if he wanted to help my husband do the floors and the laundry.
    I'm sure he would appreciate the help.
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    He-he, maybe we shoulda done that!

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