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Good grief, what's next...advertise on Craigslist for someone with malaria or TB to infect your child?! :uhoh3: Sheeesh, if only there was a vaccine against stupidity!!!... Read More

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    So these parents are worried about the possible dangers of the Chicken Pox vaccine, so they purchase a piece of candy from strangers on the internet, and give it to their children, because they think it is safer?? REALLY? lol
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    Quote from country mom
    Notice the photo? Looks to low for an IM deltoid injection.
    Looks like a needleless syringe flush to me.... Good old photo ops
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    I had chicken pox as a child and I have a few years in age myself. I still had immunity on my last titer. My children however, had the vaccine for school....I couldn't find anyone to expose them to.....they needed a booster last year and probably will for the rest of their lives. I still think in some ways natural immunity is the best.
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    "Tastes like chicken!" :rckn:
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    Quote from OldITgeek

    "Tastes like chicken!" :rckn:

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    My son got the chicken pox before there was a vaccine. All the moms in the neighboruphood sent their kids to my house in the hopes the kids would get it and be done with it before they started school. The only kid who didn't catch it was my daughter!
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    Quote from xtxrn
    Used to be called common sense.
    I'm pretty sure that's on back order.
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    Quote from calinurse11
    I guess im going to have to stop giving my kids candy sent in the mail by strangers

    Oh, yay! You got my package!
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    uhh weird
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    The varicella vaccination for chickenpox did not exist during my early childhood years. I was afflicted with chickenpox at the age of three or four while attending preschool in the middle 1980s. I still have never been vaccinated for it.

    Fast forward to 2009. I was 28 years old and had titers drawn per the requirement of the RN completion program that I was attending. I found it amazing that, some 25 years after I had contracted chickenpox, I still had immunity to varicella according to the results of my titer.
    Acquiring the chicken pox generally produces life-long immunity, whereas the immunity with the vaccine tends to wane over time.
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    Quote from country mom
    Notice the photo? Looks to low for an IM deltoid injection.

    Second question, how is sending used lollipops and playing with sick kids so you can catch their disease better than going and getting a vaccine? I just don't understand the anti-vaccine movement. It's bad to get vaccinated, but it's okay to expose yourself to someone else's body fluids?
    The varicella vaccine is SQ. I am not anti-vaccination by any stretch of the imagination, but I do not care for the varicella vaccine. Immunity is generally life-long if one gets the chicken pox, but they have now found that the immunity provided by the vaccine wanes with time. That is why a booster shot is now recommended around the pre-teen years. My worry is that the booster protection will also wane and young adults aren't the best at updating their vaccines. Therefore, we may see a surge of varicella cases in that age group soon, when their risks are higher for adverse events.
    Chicken pox parties I understand, but the lollipop thing? Ehh, gross!
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    I had chicken pox when I was 7. My husband and his twin brother managed to avoid it as kids (their 7 other siblings got it). Hubby's older brother ended up getting chicken pox in his 40s, from his 2-year old. Hubby got the vaccine a month later, though his PCP made him jump through multiple hoops. You'd think they would know that it's better for a 40+ man to get the chicken pox vaccine than to get the chicken pox.
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    Quote from annister
    I'm pretty sure that's on back order.
    or discontinued all together.....