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    I'm a nursing student and a mother of 2 beautiful children ages 1 and 5. I am very excited to be graduating shortly and becoming a part of this field, however lately i've been worried trying to find a way to succed at both parenting and my career. I would like to be there for my kids, but at the same time i realize that finding a job as a new grad can be challenging so i can't be too picky with the hours of work.
    I was wondering if anyone who has kids, especially this young, has any suggestions? any advice would be very appreciated.
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    Having a good babysitter and/or family support is important. I had to also learn to say no to those "OMG YOUR MY LAST HOPE TAKE THIS SHIFT PLEASE PLEASE" because I was never seeing my 2 and 3 year old. You need to be able to plan work and life and a good routine is important also.
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    In my opinion, if you have already made it through nursing school while supporting your children and being there for your family. The hard part is over. Once you are working regualrly scheduled hours (usually only three days a week) you can find child care and plan your family activities around work. I think you willl find you have much more free time than you did in nursing school. Good luck and congratulations!
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    I had my first son in the middle of nursing school, not easy, but thankfully my mom helped me out a lot. Now I'm pregnant with my second. i really don't see my work as impacting my son/family nearly as much as it would working 5 days a week. I work nights and try to get my three in a row in a stretch, usually over the weekend so my son spends thursday night friday and saturday getting boy time with his dad and we spend Sunday together and then he spends the rest of the week with me during the day and us both at night so I feel all in all we both get more individual and family time together. Its not always easy especially when you are sleep deprived but it is very doable.
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    My children are 2 and 4
    . I just started working a 3am to 3pm shift, that way I get off at a decent time and only work 3 days a week! I love having time for my children and work.
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    Thank you soooo much for your encouragement and advice! Seems like 3 12 hour shifts is a way to go!