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IV removal etiquette? - page 3

Two questions: 1)how to remove IVs without getting drops of blood on patients? 2) Do you always glove your removed IV and then throw in trash? I just feel like I will stick myself doing that.... Read More

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    As I remove the cannula, I put gauze over it. Kind of slide it over the area as I slide out the cannula. That way pressure is also on the area immediately which is particularly important for patients on anti-coagulants. They can bleed heaps!!!
    I place the cannula immediately into a kidney dish and then take that kidney dish to the sharps bin. Two reasons: the glove is not meant to really go into the sharps bin, and it seems slightly dangerous to invert the glove. One time I forgot the kidney dish, so I did invert the glove as the sharps bin was metres away and the policy is not to carry a cannula in your hand across a room!