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Let's just say I'm not as young or lilthe as I once was; I'm getting sore, swollen ankles and lower legs at the end of each shift. I'm about 45# overweight, and I'm working on that with diet and... Read More

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    I've tried several things.

    SuppSocks: exactly what they sound like, support socks, about 8-15mm compression, they are pretty good and take about 6 months at least, to wear out.

    Ted hose with holes: HOLY bejeesus who invented that. It's like a vice. And the lumpy crap under the ball of the foot or wherever the hole goes, is not nice. I have to put socks on over it and take 15 min. to get my shoes on so that the lumpy thing is doable. If you get teds, get 'em without the hole.

    Cherokee rockers makes some support socks: They are nice! Got 'em at allheart's website. Now anybody who makes these thinks that gals all have long feet, I don't, so I have issues with the foot area's fit. The rest of the sock is pure heaven. I may buy more of these.

    Nursemates thigh highs: no. Just no. You would get the same effect with tying a tourniquet under your knee and walking around. I went 1/2 shift with 'em, took 'em off and trashed them and went without socks the rest of the shift. The second pair I threw away when I got home.
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    I appreciate everyone's input! I think I'm initially going to get a couple of different pairs, in knee high and panty-hose style, and see which works.

    Thanks so much!

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    I wear knee highs to work. It stops my feet from hurting or swelling and at the end of the day my feet still feel good.

    Hey! Whatever works...
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    Diabetic socks can be found at Walmart or at a Medical store. Also ted hose also come in full foot not just the ones with holes in them.
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    The full shebang. Wore them in nursing school at the tender age of 20 and beyond. On those days i forgot to wear them my legs were fatigues and ankles swollen. They need to be true support hose(graduated support0 NOT just pantyhose KWIM?

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    Support socks made my legs feel like a sausage and didn't help with leg fatigue. Some how it feels like a moderate trouniquet right at knee level.

    Personally wouldn't go with this from my own experience.


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