It's that time of the fiscal year...

  1. It's that time of the fiscal year where administration is trying to look good and maximize their bonuses, and it's hell on us floor nurses and PCAs. Don't get me wrong, they're always trying to squeeze more blood from stones, but it's been especially bad lately with all sorts of threats about termination.

    -Our hospital is at full census, mostly very very sick people. The last few weeks I have had 7 patients, which is a normal LTAC load. Usually we have enough walkie-talkie cellulitis or long term antibiotic patients to ease up the load, but last week I had 7 accuchecks, 2 tube feeds, 6 total care, 2 who were constantly trying to get out of bed, etc. They're taking anyone who has some form of payment, and probably a few who don't as tax charity writeoffs.

    -If we do not clock out by 7 at the end of the shift, we have to fill out a form explaining why. Now they are enforcing them and threatening to terminate us if we get more than a certain amount. We staff nurses know that with our increased patient loads and paperwork, it's not possible. Some clock out and finish their paperwork, others just shrug, tell the rest of us that it's illegal and that they have to pay us, and say that this happens several times a year. Come to think of it, they just hired a bunch of new grads from the August graduation that they're training, so they might just be able to let some of us go.

    Is anyone else experiencing similar?
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  3. by   himilayaneyes
    Management is always trying to find some way to add to the burden that we floor nurses already carry for some reason. Your situation stinks. I know a lot of facilities want you to clock out on time despite the awful patient assignments that they give you. However, as some of your co-workers said it is illegal for them to not pay you for your work. If you're there working, you should get paid. Also, let's say you clock out and then sit to do paperwork...go in to help a patient and something happens. Management will throw you under the bus since you were off the clock..and when you're off the clock you have no business being at your place of employment. Do the best that you can with the tasks you are given...that's pretty much all you can do. Management is the same at every facility it seems. Perhaps you should ask them that if you're running late are you supposed to clock out and work anyway which is illegal or do your best as usual and on an off-day where you're running late, stay clocked in and finish your work...or perhaps they want you to clock out and leave anything that isn't done to the next shift. It's definitely something that should be brought up at the next staff meeting. Good luck to you.
  4. by   Finallydidit
    Stay on the clock, no matter what... That is the only way that they will ever realize that the above mentioned case load is too much for one nurse.. If they think you are finishing up on time, next thing you know you will have 7 accuchecks, 5 tube feeders, and 6 trying to get out of the bed and 4 of them will have family members following you around all shift! STAY ON THE CLOCK