Is there a credit union for U.S. nurses?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of one in the States? I saw one for nurses and police officers out of "Oz" but not one here. I find it hard to believe that with all of us...there is not a credit union out there.

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    A lot of hospitals have credit unions for their employees. There isn't a national credit union for nurses that I know of.
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    I have come across some credit unions that serve healthcare professionals of certain cities, regions and states... but I am not aware of any that serve nurses exclusively. What state do you live in?
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    Never heard of one. I've been in a credit union for about 15 years and love them. The city employees credit union lets us bank with them, even though we aren't city employees.
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    Where do you live? What kind of facility do you work in? I've been a member of my former employer's credit union for 20+ years. A lot of Credit Unions offer membership to the public now.

    Thanks to the CU I've been to Europe a couple of times, have bought 3 cars, have had free checking many years before banks offered it.

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