Is safe to get a RN certification online?

  1. Hello nurses!
    Yes, is me again, the LPN trying to become a RN. I was trying to start de RN program in one of the comunity colleges, here in my county, but it looks like the waiting list is long and is going to take to much time. I do not have the money to go to the other non-comunity colleges, and I just want to start as soon as possible. I think that another good option that I have, it is to take classes online, but some people told me that first, I should find out if take this classes is not going to ruin my future, meaning when I wil try to get hire as RN, the employers will observe that I get my education online and they will not give enough value to my certification as they will do with someone who get his/her certification having a face to face classes. What do you guys think?, is this true or not?, please let me know, it is important for me.
    Note: Sorry, if my grammar still socks, I am keep working on it, I get grammar books, and I am trying to enroll in an English class. :imbar
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    I did the RN via Excelsior and haven't had any problem with employers.
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    Oh, and your English is way better than my Spanish.

  5. by   sunray12
    The online vs face to face issue doesn't matter. What matters is that the school is accredited and more importantly it must be recognized by the board of nursing in your state. If it's not recognized by the BON then you won't be able to get a license to practice in your state.
  6. by   llg
    Some online courses are wonderful. Others are not. As more nurses get their education online, employers will learn which schools are the good ones and which schools are not. That may effect your career in the future. So be sure that you choose a school that provides a high quality education and that has a good reputation.
  7. by   JKidzMom
    Check with your STATE board of nursing FIRST! Make sure they recognize the online class/college, before you get into anything. It would be terriable if you did the whole program and then couldn't sit for your state boards!! Your state can be very helpful and offer suggestions. Just give them a call.
  8. by   kantuta
    Thanks a lot, I will call my BON and find out about it. You guys were very helpful. Thanks a lot again.