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Is it just me that is noticing the large volume of new graduates, especially our younger graduates, that desire to spend very little time, if any, at the bedside before pursuing a non-traditional role in nursing. New graduates... Read More

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    Interesting responses. Yes I am old hat-old school, if you will. But, that is okay. It takes all kinds. A couple of posters pointed out that perhaps nursing instructors are not doing a good job of creating excitement and desire among the student population for providing direct bedside care. That sounds intriguing as a contributor to low tenure at the bedside.

    For those of you who desire to advance your education, I have no qualms with that as I have been doing the same. My concern is that when you reach NP, DNP, EdD, PhD status, if you have had no or minimal bedside experience, you have no real foundation to work from.

    Some posters also pointed out that nursing schools and authorities may be encouraging the preempting of bedside experience in an effort to rally as many qualified candidates as possible into graduate level programs, a cash cow for most programs who have them. Again, that sounds intriguing as a contributor to low tenure at the bedside. However, we now see CNL programs on the rise as well as efforts to see that the DNP become the requirement for APNs within a certain timeframe. Nursing authorities write that the complexity of patient care requires that degree requirements for APNs be escalated and that all nurses should continue their education. With reference to my above statement on a real foundation, if you did not crawl before you walked, your practice may ultimately suffer as a result.
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