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  1. i am a pre nursing student soon to be nursing student in the fall and i applied for a patient transport job. i have an interview tomorrow and i have a few questions.

    DO patient transporters wear scrubs at your hospital?
    how much is the pay usually?
    what are flex hours?
    what are some good questions to ask the manager tomorrow?
    also, they told me to bring my resume should i have a cover letter?
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  3. by   classicdame
    Our transporters do wear scrubs. You would be in direct contact with a patient and will have to wear shoes that grip and protect your feet, like athletic shoes. No idea about pay. Flex hours mean you might come in at 6 a.m one day and Noon another day,etc. Also could mean when they do not need you they send you home.

    I would ask what is the AVERAGE number of hours you would be working. Will they allow flexibility for your school requirements? If they cannot accommodate your education, ask if there is another position for which you could apply, such as unit clerk, CNA, registration clerk, OR tech or something.
  4. by   Dazglue
    I was a transporter at first. We wore scrubs because we were dealing with direct patient contact. You WILL need a good pair of shoes. LOTS of walking. The pay is crappy at my hospital ( around 7 something). Transportation dept at my hospital was WONDERFUL working around my school schedule. Questions you should ask should concern what your hours are going to be and can they work around your school schedule. As for the cover letter I am not sure. All of our application process (including the resume) was online and there a cover letter was not required.
  5. by   NurseHopefulInOH
    A cover letter always looks good! I would try to make the best possible impression even if this is "just a transporter job" it can be a foot in the door once you graduate and look good on a resume that you have done something health care related. In this economy anything helps! I kn ow most hospitals like to hire within to fill positions so thats something to think about when you become a nurse.
  6. by   Double-Helix
    Do patient transporters wear scrubs at your hospital?
    -----Yes, they wear all black scrubs so they are easily identified as transporters, not nurses or CNAs.

    how much is the pay usually?
    -----Pay at my hospital is around 9.00-10.00 per hour

    what are flex hours?
    -----Flex hours can mean many things. It can mean that you work days, evenings, and nights in a rotation. It can mean that you may work 4 hours one day, 8 the next, according to your availability. It could also mean that you will be on call a few days a week and come in if needed. Make sure you ask this question during your interview.

    What are some good questions to ask the manager tomorrow?
    -----Ask about the flex hours. Ask what skills you should brush up on before starting. Ask if there is an orientation process and how long the training period is. Ask who your supervisor will be and if you will have an opportunity to meet him/her before starting. Usually three questions is enough, so pick your favorites.

    Also, they told me to bring my resume should I have a cover letter?
    -----Cover letters should always be included with a resume. It shows you are professional and interested. However, since this is an entry level position, they might not look at it too closely, so you don't have to spend hours on it. A short, simple letter expressing your interest and qualifications is fine.

    Good luck!
  7. by   meghan91
    thanks everyone for the advice! the interview went well and hopefully i get the job the hiring manager seemed to really like me and said i am his first choice to get the job so hopefully i get it. im really excited to get my foot in the door at the hospital and maybe once i have more experience switch to being a NA at the same hospital and hopefully after nursing school and i get my RN/degree ill still be working there. I do have to wear like kaki dress pants thought not what i was hoping for but if i get the job i think i might just ask if i can wear plain scrub pants
  8. by   Dazglue
    Our transporters wear khaki pants and a blue-green scrub top!
  9. by   meghan91
    thanks everyone! i got the job and i start may 31st, we wear tan or navy pants ( im going to wear totally plain tan or navy scrub pants) and they give us a light blue polo to wear with the hospitals name and stuff on it
  10. by   sheneka504
    Hi I wanted to know more about ur experience of being a patient transporter because I was recently interviewed for that position so how is ? Pros/cons?