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Mr. P, 80 years of age, a war veteran man was admitted with a chief complain of abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Looking at Mr. P for the first time gave me an impression that he was a good... Read More

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    Fantastic story. I'll really like it. Thanks for sharing for the story about Indelible Love.
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    You are a true nurse ,one with compassion and love for your fellow man which helps you to have true love for your profession .And believe me that family will always remember your kindness and compassin.Thanks for sharing this story
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    How unfortunate that our newspapers and magazines are filled with stories of celebrities, politicians and sports figures with their myriad affairs and divorces. This couple and the family they nurtured are true 'front page" material. God Bless them.
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    This made me teary eyed. You are a wonderful nurse and just goes to show how important we are to the hospital setting.

    Imagine what Mr. and Mrs. P's family would do with you? I'm sure they are now happy together and watching over you just like what you did to them.