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Please help! I am an RN of 2 years now and a frequent problem I am having is being dismissed by patients on my med/surg unit. More than 90% of my patients are very happy with the care I provide,... Read More

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    Sadly, the HCAP or whatever type of surveys that hospitals now employ in order to receive money from the gov is widespread. OP won't escape this type of mentality at any other hospital, they are driven by these patient scores. And when OP is getting more than a few dismissals it's tellig management that she's the problem, not the patients. We all know patients aren't always right, but the surveys are the bottom line nowadays and hospitals have to be smart about it.

    And while I do sympathize with OP's predicament, Lovinglife123's post pretty much nailed it on the head. While the pt was clearly difficult, I see some gaps in OP's care of the pt that could've used some improvements that Lovinglife123 noted. So it's telling me that, at least in this case, it's not completely the pt that is the problem.
    Oh, I meant find another job, either outside of a "hospital" or outside of nursing altogether.

    I mean if we are going to be treated as waitstaff and concierges, might as well do that, and not have to worry about having a license to uphold.