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IMPORTANT Pharm Question

  1. 0 [font=book antiqua]i am a second year nursing student. level 1 and 2 pharm were the hardest things for me to learn. we have 50 this semester and have to know damn near everything about each drug. any advice on how to remem things about each drug? there has to be something easier! thank you in advance.
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    Put them in categories for what they do. Notice anything repetitive in their names? Notice anything in the names that gives you clues what they do? Then, start learning by category. Make some flash cards with names on front and purpose on back.

    Side effects are often "too much of a good thing". In other words, they intended effect is too big. For instance: benzodiazepines calm a person; a side effect is they can calm too much, slowing GI motility, breathing, and making sleepy.

    Remember...elimination method is almost always via kidneys, and metabolism is almost always via liver...
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    Classifications, and the main drug in each classification is what I remembered the most about. Then, remember the other drugs in each clasification. If your class is taught that way, it'll be easier for you.

    Good luck!
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    thank you both so much....
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    Flashcards! And take them with you even in the bathroom!
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    Bring it always back to A&P - connect it to the body.
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    Invest in the book "Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy"