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Overheard this phone conversation yesterday between my Dad and his sister, my aunt: Dad: "Oh, she's not a nurse any more." .... "Noooo, she hasn't been seeing patient's for a long time. She works in an office for an insurance... Read More

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    My son was in a near drowning accident two years ago. I don't know what we would have done without our nurse case manager! She took care of EVERYTHING for us. And when I finally brought Jacob home, she would call just to see how he was doing. She would spend hours, and I'm NOT exaggerating...HOURS on the phone with me listening to me cry, rant, rave. She was wonderful. Trust me, this woman was ALL nurse. She listened, she insisted I take time for myself and my marriage, she talked to me about Jacob's problems, future things I may want to think of..not just THAT moment, which was all that was on my mind. She talked to me of how all this may affect my older son Zach. She wanted pictures of my sons. She said she felt close to us....she had spent a year talking me through all kinds of things, dealing with every little thing insurance wise, so she did know quite a bit about our life! We talked about some pretty personal stuff on the phone, I guess we did get pretty close. I hated the day when she called and said, "Well, we're done. You don't need us anymore." She did still call from time to time to check in with us to see how Jacob was doing. Unfortunately, she left this company and I haven't talked to her for about 3 months.
    She was very special.
    Vegas? Do you think you might have been our case manager?? You sound pretty special yourself!
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    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    The worst I have ever heard, and this coming from a nurse in the hospital giving me an update on a patient in ICU was, "Oh your a DESK nurse". *****????? Instead of saying something COMPLETELY unprofessional to this person, I took great comfort in knowing that I had an authorization request sitting on my desk for her giant WART removal on her BUTT. Gee, think I'll just go take a break and get to that when I sit down at my DESK.
    Oh the wart oh the wart oh the gee jumpin' wart...
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    LasVegasRN - your dad sounds like a hoot! They are really hard to educate, though, aren't they? I've been a fulltime traveller for 6 yrs. now and my dad still wants to know when I'm going to settle down and get a "real" job!
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    originally posted by ohmom2boys
    vegas? do you think you might have been our case manager?? you sound pretty special yourself!
    awww, thanks, kim. makin' me blush over here! :d

    originally posted by bagladyrn
    ...my dad still wants to know when i'm going to settle down and get a "real" job!
    :chuckle dads, gotta love 'em!

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