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I thanked a Nurse today

  1. 11 My Mom fell and broke her hip and needed a partial hip replacement. Today she was released back to the NH and when we went to get her stuff that the ambulance forgot to bring back to the NH I told the nurse thank you and I appreciated all she did for my Mom. She said it was her pleasure and told us to have a Merry Christmas.

    I know she was doing her job but it only takes a minute to say thank you.
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    And I'm sure YOUR "thank you' was most appreciated by her!
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    We don't nurse looking for thank yous, but they sure make it a lot easier.
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    That was very nice of you and I bet you made that nurses day!
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    Perhaps you could put it in writing and let her employer know too?
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    God bless you and yours! I'm sure your comment went a long way with the nurse.