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with mean-spirited, manipulative, and conniving coworkers. How do you deal with them? What do you do to make YOUR work time enjoyable or manageable? I realize that there are a bunch of threads on... Read More

  1. by   backatit2
    i agree with just doing your job WELL and even though it's tempting to jump into conversations and want to "fit in" - don't. my first night on a new floor, i had people say, "have you met "ashley" yet?" and when i said "no" they would say, "ooooh. well, you'll get to meet her. just ignore her."

    the first night i worked with her, i expected her to be a witch. what i found was that she is the hardest working nurse there. the others don't like her because she doesn't sit around and gossip -she's always working - and if she sees people sitting around, she finds something for them to do.

    i asked before i met her and when everyone was warning me about her, "why does she not get fired if she can't get along with people?" and the answer i got was, "because she's a wonderful nurse."

    i've never had a problem with her. if i have a question and i want the RIGHT answer - i ask her. point being - i'd rather be known as "a wonderful nurse" than "the nurse all the co-workers want to hang out with at the station." it's nice to have a good balance, but when it comes down to it - you're there to work and to help the patients - not to make friends with the other nurses.

    good luck.
  2. by   SummerGarden
    i think some of you (those of you suggesting that the op buys food or whatever) are confusing bullies/mean girls with harmless gossips. there is a difference. if the op is dealing with bullies, buying food will not appease them. they can care less about food or friendship! if the bullies do not like you, they will try to find a way to rid their lives of you!!! they prefer for you to quit, but if you are stubborn, they will try to have you fired!!!

    for example, i know a nurse who purchased donuts, pizza, etc. for the entire department almost every week prior to transferring when she was just a float nurse and after she transferred to my floor. the bullies did not like her and spread a rumor that she was a "dangerous nurse". they assigned her to patients that were traumas and left her alone to work the traumas by herself (they do this when they want to prove a point about a nurse... and yes... never mind the safety to the patient). they took notes and wrote an email to the nurse manager at the time about an incident while never once trying to help her out (they left that part out of the email report)!!!! anyway, the next thing i know the nurse was gone! rather then be fired, she quit and is a non-rehire by the facility. sadly, she worked for the facility well over a year and gained a very good reputation prior to transferring to my floor, but now that reputation and that work experience is out the door.

    on the other hand, harmless gossips can be appeased with food and a smile. i hope the op is working with harmless gossips!
  3. by   nursejoed
    I notice that you left another post today detailing your termination from another job- congrats on finding something else so quickly! How did that situation resolve itself with the previous job?
  4. by   Poi Dog
    Quote from nursejoed
    I notice that you left another post today detailing your termination from another job- congrats on finding something else so quickly! How did that situation resolve itself with the previous job?
    I have a full-time job and was PRN at the one I got terminated from.
  5. by   labbylove30
    I feel for you, im in a similar situation not so much bullying just being ignored completely, i have been at this place for awhile now and at first had this very uncomfortable feeling, no one would talk to me, they would all stand at one corner of the nurses station and talk in low hushes, they would not include me in things they would have for other co-workers, no one asked me about my child or husband or me for that matter. i thought it would get better but it has not, it is worse. the only time i get talked to is when its business related, so im very quiet and i keep to myself i take my lunch away from the office to get a break, i have never been treated like this at any of my other jobs, this is the first place where i have felt like a complete outsider, they are very self absorbed people they all compete to talk about themselves its sad to think they are nurses and act in this manner. i dont even get asked when they are collecting money for a sick coworker, or for the doctors for a gift so there i am standing with egg on my face when they open a card and my name is not on it. or they bring in food for a lunch and dont ask or tell me about it, i work in a small place so its very hard to deal with it, but my hours are great evenings,weekends off i stay because its great hours. so my advice is to stick to yourself, be polite, do a good job and in the meantime keep your eyes and ears open for another job.......