I need you guys, i think nursing is making me mentally ill - page 3

i swear i feel so mad right now I can cry. i need to vent okay so I work 12 hour shifts from 7 am to 730 pm and boy it's hard since it's usually 6-7 high acuity patients but this ****** oncoming nurse is just a really bad... Read More

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    Quote from gettingbsn2msn
    She is walking all over you and enjoying it. I had a nurse that I used to give report to who would turn her back to me. So childish!!!! Anyway whatever, there are beoches everywhere!
    You mean you would have to talk to her back? OMG, what a witch!

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    I have given report to all of the above nurses. What a nightmare. My favorite is the one who says I know it all,and I don't need report.
    I protect myself by charting report given to Joe Blow and care handed off, then I put a little blurb about anything I think is really important. For example. I might chart oncoming nurse notified that pt is a fall risk, still needs to recieve Vancomycin and have CBC redrawn.
    That way if this stuff is not done no one can say I didn't give report on it.
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    Quote from xtxrn
    Oy..... is she hearing impaired, or just a mess?


    Well I guess it is time that I finally tell you.....I LOVE your posts

    So glad that you joined this forum!
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    Quote from xtxrn
    Oy..... is she hearing impaired, or just a mess?
    Nope, she just thinks she's all that.

    The best was recently when I was giving report and she walked away, and the sassy LOL yelled out "Girl, oh no she didn't just walk away. Get back in here little girl, you gonna take care of me you gonna hear about me!" Priceless.
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    Oh my Gosh! Didn't read responses here. Spiritual ACLS needed. I get it. I get where you are at. The way I respond is this....."I will give you my full report, and then, you may ask questions....I am very exhausted, and if you will listen through, you may hear the answers to your questions....." Period. Then go on to your report. She is being a bully. Stand your ground. I have been known to say "I don't respond well to this kind of interaction..."......"what kind of interaction?"......"whatever it is that you are putting out right now, I can't respond in kind"......that usually leaves them dumbfounded. I get it. I have been on both ends.....blessings, and jeez....nurses can be the meanest people on earth......oxox

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