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  1. Hi
    Im sorry to bother you again but some of my teachers put me in regular classes for high school but I want all college prep classes. So I talked mom into putting me in college prep classes. My only problem is this im afraid im going to fail the casses although now I make A's and B's. I need some opimions. When I get ready to go to college (im almost in high school) I want to go to University of Florida. Anybody going there? If anybody is or used to email me at identicaltwin_2@hotmail.com I would like to go there to I guess I would mayor in Medical or something. But I would love to be put in all college prep courses so that when I graduate I can go to a 4 year college (UF). This is worrying me to death even though im not in high school yet. :'(:'(:'(
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  3. by   suzanne4
    What are you referring to exactly between "college prep" and regular
    classes? Are you talking about "Advanced Placement" by any chance? There is a big difference between the two.