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Heres the scenario: 30 year old patients has hernia repair. Is a very tall and large man, quite scary looking not surprising given that he is a prisoner. Anyway procedure goes well, then it's time for waking up. He was... Read More

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    Wow....what a piece of work...
    By the way, do you work at a community hospital or other smaller hospital? At the smaller community hospital I worked at previously there were quite a few of those wandering around...

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    Quote from nerdtonurse?
    I yelled over my shoulder, "hey, doc, we could use some help here!" What does he respond? "Throw some more nurses on him until the haldol kicks in."

    Great. Now I'm a sandbag.
    I knew all my extra weight would be useful someday.
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    Bet you won't have this kind of problem the next time you ask these two for help.
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    You won't have this kind of trouble with getting these guys up in the future. They just got a reality check. Don't report this kind of stuff. You already took care of it.
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