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Hi everyone :) It has been awhile since I have been on these boards. Lots of things going on in my life... But anyway- I have a question for all of you seasoned nurses (who I am sure know more than some doctor's).. I... Read More

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    A different dx might be a sebaceous cyst. Old timers called it a wen. They can get right large.


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    my husband had a lipoma removed from his back. he had had it for a number of years. it grew very slowly but was very noticible. the problem was because he had had it for so many years it was very deep. it was difficult to remove and he was under for a LONG time. good luck.
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    My thought, too, was that it is a lipoma. While the lipoma itself is not dangerous, the location of the lump can warrant surgery. Sometimes they grow in a position that can put pressure on a nerve or blood vessel and can then cause problems. I had a very large one on my shin many years ago that caused pain even from the pressure of stockings (pre-pantyhose days). My foot and ankle would swell so much my shoe would become too tight, and I would take the shoe off. I left many a class in high school carrying one shoe because I ciouldn't get it back on my foot!

    Finally had the lipoma removed when I was in college and never had to leave anyplace with only one shoe on again.
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    prn,,,,, was thinking the same thing,,,, could be lipoma,,,,, but dh,,, had two sebaceous cysts,,,, both one right after the other,,,, on his upper back,,,, went had the first taken c care of,,, within two months had another,,,

    no matter which,,,, if it bothers you,,, find someone to take care of it,,,, ~kitamoon,,,,,

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