I DID IT!!!! I survived illness, fought back, and am graduating an RN program!!! I DID IT!!!! I survived illness, fought back, and am graduating an RN program!!! - pg.3 | allnurses

I DID IT!!!! I survived illness, fought back, and am graduating an RN program!!! - page 4

It only took me 18 years, but I FINALLY GRADUATED an RN program!!!!!!!! :yeah: I started taking my pre-reqs in 1991 immediately following high school graduation and had just finished my last... Read More

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    Congratulations on finally getting a diagnosis and on graduating nursing school! Something similar happened to me. I'm still taking my prereqs and it's good to know it can be done. I was also told I had fibromyalgia, Lupus, ms, etc. and then finally that it "was all in my head." It took three horrible years for someone to finally figure out that I had some severe vitamin deficiencies!
    Anyway, I was premed before I got sick. But then, as a patient, I got a really bad impression of doctors. It seemed liked they were always dismissing me, being arrogant, telling me I was crazy, etc. No nurse ever treated me that way, and it was a PA that used to be a nurse that figured out what I had and referred me to the specialist who fixed it.
    So, I guess we're similar in having some really good reasons for wanting to be nurses! And, we know exactly what kind of nurse we want to be. I feel about 90% better now, and I really hope I can be as successful as you are. You're really just never the same again after being sick for years. Good luck!
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    OMG !!!! You are a survivor and I applaud in tears and all. I commend you for your bravery, determination, and faith. Your post will influence thousands of pre-nursing and nursing professionals on the importance giving back and simply being a true nurse, nothing more or less.
    Congratulations ! Good Luck to you in all your nursing endeavors !
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    Congratulations!! Have a wonderful pinning and future in your nursing field. You have much to offer your patients with your strength and inspiration.
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    Amazing! Congratulations!! Thank you so very much for sharing!! :heartbeat
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    thanks so much everyone for your kind words!! our pinning rehearsal is this morning and I am bringing my camera to document every moment to prove to myself that this is real LOL
    I just went and checked my grade AGAIN... it's still there! hahaha!