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Are their any rules about nurses crying? Like not if they see you shed a tear once you are fired, but is their anything that addresses this?? I was talking with a friend today about how easily I tear... Read More

  1. by   cruisin_woodward
    these posts are making me tear up! LOL. I used to be very stoic! I never cried, especially in public. I had a baby (he's 8 months old now), & the flood gates opened!! I have found it comforts the family, that I care about them...that their loved one is not, "just another patient"! That is why we are nurses!!
  2. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Quote from dnp2004
    You might want to explore what may have changed in your life during the past 2 years. Perhaps an event at that time bothered you more than you realize.
    I had another kid but honestly, my whole life can compose about 10 Lifetime Movies of the weeks. I was raised in hell, to say the least, along with many others, I grew up and learned to cope and deal. I think as I get older though the uglyness of the world gets to me more. More than it used too and I think as I get older I am becoming more sensitive and letting my wall down more. I learned very early on not to be weak and that crying was a weakness. I was much like a guy in that respect. The only time you would see me cry is if I was angry and people knew if they ticked me off so bad I was crying it wasn't going to be pretty. There is no one specific thing though that has happened to make me more sensitive, I think it's just a whole combination of things throughout my life. But most of all, like I said, i think it's just more so that the uglyness of the world is weighing on me more and effecting me more than it used too.
  3. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Thanks everyone, I feel so much better now. I know I am not crying over depression, I have battled depression since I was 10 years old (probably younger) and have learned how to deal with it well now, I know when I need to get back on my meds for a while if things get to much. So I know it's not that because I am petty in tune with my mental health. I am however an extremely compassionate person. Sometimes even when I shouldn't be. Ie: When they showed the pictures of finding Suddam and dragging him out, I saw such a sadness in his eyes that I felt bad for him. I know I shouldn't have but I did. I won't aplogize for it either even when I was chastised for it. I mean my gosh, I didn't say he should be set free or anything but it made me sad to see the sadness and defeat in his eyes.

    Watching the show I spoke of in my first post, they set up these real life scenarios but all controlled to see how people react. They had an actor walking on a busy street and collapse and SO MANY people just chatted on their phone walking by, no one stopping to help and it just made me cry at how cold I sometimes feel the world has become.
    I dunno, but I am glad I am not alone and I am glad I won't get in trouble for it. I understand you can't be loosing it infront of patients, and I can usually control myself from getting like that. But I have no doubt if a family was sobbing over the loss of their teenager that had just passed I would probably want to offer them a hug and some tears as well. Just was never sure if this was not allowed or not.

    I appreciate your stories!