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The sun was coming up on a bitter cold Minnesota morning. It was the day after Christmas which meant shopping with my two daughters. The grandkids were going to spend the day with Grandpa building a snowman and later ice skating.... Read More

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    The BEST! So heart felt and and heart warming. Thank you for sharing...I agree, sometimes WE forget..I hate the talking 'Over" a person instead of talking "To" a person..they are just that..People!...Thank you for the well written article...
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    Very well done! I think this is a great fear of all of us who have seen patients like this. It makes me wonder have I ever said anything to make a patient feel dehumanized? Oh I hope not...
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    Blessedmomma27 - you have said it all. It is painful to read. It is painful to accept what happened to the woman in this story is what is going on as we speak. It needs to change. It must change. Thank you for shining a bright light on what really goes on in many of our Nursing Homes. God Bless You.
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    I have goose bumps. Great story. My last job was on a stroke unit. Every health care provider needs to read this story.
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