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How to artfully dodge conversation? - page 2

Most patients know that you're in for a few minutes for your nursing duties, but there are always some who expect you to be an audience. Saying, "I'm sorry, but I really need to start a blood... Read More

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    This is a critical unit... I am getting a page, sorry I have to go....
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    "I have to care for another patient" and head out....I also put rescue plans in play....Ask a coworker to come get me in 5-10 minutes....
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    I learned in SE Asia that not responding and silence was more effective than anything. Doing so and smiling was actually IS accepted response over there. I tried it here and it seems to work. I wouldn't recommend it for months on end (that gets irritating and made me wanna come home)!

    Gotta remember patients may not be egocentric; my guess is they're venting or talking because that's their stress mechanism...they're isolated allll day. If you've ever been hospitalized, it's no fun.

    I think you gotta look at your motives for lingering. It's perfectly acceptable also to start leaving, and turn your head as you speak your final response to what he said on your way out the "yup, I hear ya...see ya in a few..."

    There's a saying....once you speak, you're a slave to your words; silence is freedom!

    Anyways, those are a couple things I do that seem to work.
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