How to apply knee high stocking

  1. I have my cna skills coming up and i need to know this ..should the stocking be inside out on the patient foot or shuld it be the other way around..
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  3. by   josefhrn
    Roll it up into your hands, the way you're going to put it on. Work it up the foot and calf the best way you can. Sometimes it won't look like you did it as perfectly as your instructor may ... but if you did it without hurting them ... you did it right. These are extremely important for circulation to and from the legs ... I was a cardiovascular RN and I can't stress enough the importance of these.

  4. by   GeriatrxRN
    I usually start by laying the stocking on the bed normal (not inside out) then folding it in half so that it is inside out half way...and then put it on like you would a normal stocking. Keep it folded in half while you are putting it on, and as seam-less as possible. When you get it to around the calf area (which should be the top of your folded stocking) unfold it and pull it up. I found that this way, it really cuts down on the tightness around the foot caused by bunched up stockings and helps you maneuver them more easily. Good Luck!
  5. by   GeriatrxRN
    Just FYI, this is the way I found it to work for me...I'm not sure what they would consider it to be the "correct" way to put on stockings for your CNA skills. You might want to ask your instructor.
  6. by   HmarieD
    Obviously this is not something you would do in clinicals, but is a funny but effective way to get those darn things on... maybe something you could pass along to your patients.

    One of my Home Health patients needed TED's and his wife had to apply them, and her hands were arthritic. She came up with this... (note - this only works if they are the open-toed type)

    1) put powder inside an empty bread bag or plastic newspaper bag (WARNING - cannot do this if the patient has any open areas on the legs)
    2) place the powdered bag over the patients foot and calf
    3) slide the TED hose over the bag and then pull the bag out through the hole in the toe of the TED.

    VOILA! Surprisingly easy application. You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention.
  7. by   NewRN2008
    roll 'em up like pantyhose and put em on that way. we are not allowed to use any type of powders.
  8. by   Otessa
  9. by   Otessa
    If you try to put them on like pantyhose you will be fighting with them. Most anti-embolism stockings have directions in the package-my earlier link is similar to those and what I have done for 22 years. Works like a charm--and no fighting the stocking.

  10. by   nkara
    Teds are hard to put on anyone.. very tight fitting. I found a trick similar to a previous poster... use the bad it comes in and place in on the patients foot. Put the stocking on and pull it up sliding as much as you can using the bag. The heel should be properly aligned and once in place pull the bag out of the toes opening. Works wonders.. patients look at you kinda weird though. lol
  11. by   CircaSid
    First of all, make sure the feet and legs are dry. It's almost impossible to get embolism stocking on if there is moisture on the skin. Fold them halfway inside out and place the foot inside. Then stretch them apart and roll them up. Explain to your patient that it will feel tight.

    Also, you may receive some brownie points from your instructor if you let him/her know what the purpose of high knee stockings: Returns venous flow back to the heart and keeps circulation going. Ted hoses may also prevent blood clots in the lower legs (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Keeping the legs elevated will also help with blood flow.