how often do you change polyderm dressings?

  1. 0 We were using Allevyn over wounds and changing q 3 days. They have now stopped stocking those and have switched to polyderms. How often can those be changed? I mean, can they stay in place 3 days like the allevyn did? I will miss the Allevyns so much. I really loved those dressings. Any advice on the Polyderm is appreciated! Thanks.
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    Most of the time it seems that the order specified. Been a long time since I have dealt with any kind of dressing!
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    Talk to the wound care nurse aat your hospital. they will recomend the apprapriate time frame. You can ask doc as well however sometimes the wound nurse can give you exact answers on dressing materials
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    This sounds like our Permafoam and Allevyn dressings - change frequency being dependent on type of wound, preference of providers, dislodgment... etc ad infinitum.

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