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I just read this article and I have no idea how much a "stone" equals in weight. Does anybody know? I didn't think anyone in the US used "stone" as a measurement of weight! I noticed that the article was from UK Reuters but it... Read More

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    Originally posted by nurseman

    Iím just curious as to why you would hate a system that is based on units of ten. Itís simple and straightforward. Learn the sets of ten and apply them to what you are measuring.
    Well, you know, it's the old habit thing. If you grow up doing one and you're used to it (for example, I can hold a bag of peaches and tell you about how many pounds they figure the same in kilos, I'd have to estimate the pounds and then divide by 2.2). In order to switch over, it takes some work...but we still have the other system hanging around, so you can be lazy and use that one...especially in the grocery store, where I use those measurements on a daily basis, and the prices are in pounds, not kilos...

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    Originally posted by Kristi2377
    I know a web site that has pictures of a gross lipectomy, if anyone is interested in seeing them. WARNING: If you haven't been to this site before, they have MANY MANY MANY offensive photos, including gore and sexual pictures, so consider yourself warned. My husband says he has nightmares after viewing some of the autopsy and accident victim photos, so if you have a tender stomach or a sensitive disposition, don't go there.
    Sounds like
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    Just went to the site and looked at the subject headings. Think I will pass on looking at the pictures. These days even the evening news is a little too much for me. Besides, I get in on plenty gore at work.
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    Re difficuly with Metric system. What researchrabbit said. And the French invented it!
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    Originally posted by donmurray
    Re difficuly with Metric system. What researchrabbit said. And the French invented it!
    That was probably so they would have another reason to argue. (just teasing)

    PS donmurray, love your quote!
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    Thank you all! I knew if I asked this question on allnurses, I'd get great answers!
    Think I'll skip tonite though.

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