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Hello everyone. Does anyone know how many hours legally a nurse can work in Michigan? Where I work some of the nurses are working 20 to 24 hour shifts. This seems extremely unsafe to me. I... Read More

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    We work 12 hour shifts, and when the next nurse calls off or there was not one scheduled then we have to stay over, this is where some of the nurses and doing 24 hr shifts. All management has to say is "they can do it". I miss the days when we had management that would actually come out on the floor and help in situations like this. I know after 12-16 hr shift I am tired, just seem unsafe to me. And the more I read it just seems the same all over the place. I love being a nurse, does something really bad have to happen for management to wake up?
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    It is my understanding that you have to have 8 hours off in a 24 hour period by law. Would you mind sending me an e-mail with where your work? Sounds like your facility could benefit from a few good new grads willing to pick up some of the time. Are they hiring???
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    Ok. Maybe you should contact the person below to get something sent to you in writting...

    California Employee Rights Advocate
    United Employees Law Group
    65 Pine Ave Ste 312
    Long Beach, CA 90802
    Phone: 888-474-7242
    Fax: 886-435-7471