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Hello everyone. Does anyone know how many hours legally a nurse can work in Michigan? Where I work some of the nurses are working 20 to 24 hour shifts. This seems extremely unsafe to me. I have tried to Google it and can't... Read More

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    [QUOTE=Sugarcoma;5239785]kappy, I am willing to bet we work at the same place. I was told by other nurse friends that there is a limit of 18 hours in a row but am not sure of the actual law. I have tried to find information about it but cannot. We routinely have nurses work 16 hour shifts and many who will work 5,6,7 and even 8 12 hour shifts in a row. So unsafe to me, but management doesn't care at all and even encourages it.

    This is SUCH a sore point with me. The actual limit is 16 hours in our state. Our hospital "mandates"(meaning requires nurse to stay an extra shift--doing 16 hrs instead of 8 hrs.) Some areas of the hospital are so bad that people are mandated 4 of their 5 work days! Even one or two doubles is terribly unsafe. Management doesn't seem to care because hey, management is not covered by a union so do not have to do 8-hr shifts. People get physically ill from being mentally and physically stressed to the limit so then they call in and this feeds the vicious cycle. One day someone will fall asleep at the wheel and die and I hope his/her spouse sues the hell out of the hospital then. It's asinine how we are wonder so many of us vent, scream, call in sick, "lose our patience" with the patients---we are pushed to the limit!
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    Quote from lemidora
    this is insane! Even from purely economic way it doesn't make sense to me... Wouldn't it be cheaper (not to mention safer) to have 2 nurses work two 8hr shifts instead of one working 16 hours because they have to pay overtime. You guys do get paid overtime, right? Or am I just being a naive student?
    We work 12's and we do get overtime for any hours over 40 in a work week. Our unit is chronically short-staffed to the point where we have had only one or two nurses scheduled in one shift (25 bed unit). Only new grads are hired on this unit and we have a couple of contingents. For some reason overtime is extremely encouraged. There is really no limit my manager will let you work as much as you want to. I agree that it would make much more sense to hire more staff but according to our management they cannot get approval for more. I think they save in benefits and make up the overtime with the chronic short-staffing. Our contigent's do not get ot just a straight rate but that rate basically works out to an ot rate for a full time RN, but no cost for benefits. Anyone on ot is the first to get cancelled with contingents next in line. It is a ridiculous system. It is not uncommon to sit down for report and have the nurse reporting to you state they are on their sixth shift in a row.
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    I worked with a Fillapino nurse who is a "workaholic"...she did not take a day off and I am not kidding.......for 4 months (January-April)....that's 12 hour night shifts.. she will take a month off in and go home for the entire time. Then she starts again.
    But the hospital does have a 16 hour limit on the shift, unless there is a emergency, like when we had a hurricaine. Then we took turns working and sleeping whenever we could.
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    We work 12 hour shifts, and when the next nurse calls off or there was not one scheduled then we have to stay over, this is where some of the nurses and doing 24 hr shifts. All management has to say is "they can do it". I miss the days when we had management that would actually come out on the floor and help in situations like this. I know after 12-16 hr shift I am tired, just seem unsafe to me. And the more I read it just seems the same all over the place. I love being a nurse, does something really bad have to happen for management to wake up?
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    It is my understanding that you have to have 8 hours off in a 24 hour period by law. Would you mind sending me an e-mail with where your work? Sounds like your facility could benefit from a few good new grads willing to pick up some of the time. Are they hiring???
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    Ok. Maybe you should contact the person below to get something sent to you in writting...

    California Employee Rights Advocate
    United Employees Law Group
    65 Pine Ave Ste 312
    Long Beach, CA 90802
    Phone: 888-474-7242
    Fax: 886-435-7471

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