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Hello, I took the NCLEX on July 2011. (North Carolina) On the Board of Nursing site, it says that my license will expire at 08/31/2012. (August is my birth month) My question is, how come my... Read More

  1. by   kerriew
    I'm in Washington State and I have to renew my RN license every year on my birthday. I took the Nclex in August of 2010 and when I was mailed the initial license I still had to renew on my birthday 7 months away.
  2. by   EDNurse74
    Not sure how different North Carolina is from California in regard to license but here is what happened with me and my story:
    I got my license at the end of June 2009 and had to renew it Aug 2010. I was told by the BON that they go by you get 2 birthdays before renewal. So basically I just got my license and had a birthday, then next summer 13 months later I had another birthday so I had to renew my license after only 14 months of having it.
    A buddy of mine had her birthday just before she got her card so her first renewal was this year.
    For the first renewal they don't expect us to have all those shiny CEU's. From what I recall there was some box on the form to check that says something to the effect of it being the first renewal.
    Had I known that I would have waited the extra few weeks before taking my NCLEX since I didn't have a job at the time anyway.
  3. by   sherineb
    hi.. i also took the nclex in july 2011 in north carolina.. and my license also expires on aug 2012.. my bday is in aug and so, i am guessing thats why.. so, do i have to do 30 ce hrs within an yr? kinda lost abt htat