Hospital wars in Denver - page 2

Three hospitals out of five in have moved out of downtown leaving Denver Health and St Joes the only ones. The article referenced here is in regard to Lutheran hospital. St Anthony Central just moved... Read More

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    PSL, Rose, DH, and St Joes are all still downtown. VA, SAC, TCH, and University all needed more space and new buildings... badly. They had no choice but to move. Plus the city has expanded in the past decades and the hospitals are needed in the new ares. This lets the remaining downtown hospitals expand into the old spaces as St Joes already has and will do more.

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    It seems like Denver Health is starting to get strained from the decrease in nearby hospitals. The west side of Denver, near where the old SAC used to be is quite ghetto and sees a decent amount of trauma that would usually go to SAC, now most of it has to go to DH. SAC moved way out of the way to the point where they are now kind of a pain in the butt to get to, as a result DH is getting ridiculously busy.

    Lutheran is another hospital that is pretty much situated in the ghetto, so it makes sense to me that they are having budget problems, it doesn't help that SAC moved further away leaving Lutheran the only hospital on the west side of Denver.

    The only way this problem will start improving is when the economy picks up, people start getting jobs, and people start getting some semblance of insurance that pays more than medicare/medicaid.
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    It does seem like denver health is the one getting nailed from SAC moving. They are always on divert now it seems.

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