heparin and cardizem thru the same line?

  1. hi all. i am trying to figure out what you guys do whn infussing heparin and cardizem to a pt. the chart in my hospital is all and i have been asking my supervisor to get a newer one. i have asked the pharmacyst numerous times and each of them tell me that there is not enough data and therefor we should not put them on the same line. my coworkers and assistant manager insist that the pharmacyst says that is is comparable. today one of many pharmacyst told my assist. manager that they are, he said something like in our hospital it is because we use X concentration that makes it comparable. this makes no sense to me, and i disagree especially b/c the rule is that if there is no data you don't do it. what is your practice?? thank you, monica
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  3. by   HoJo
    Yes it is compatible, the book I'm looking at before me (Mosby's 2004 Intravaneous Medications) lists diltiazem as being Y-site compatible, however it is underlined which means conflicting compatability information. There are also it looks about every drug imaginable with heparin though including: MS, lasix, nitro, KCL, epi, lido, etc. (the list goes on forever). Really though this book is a darn good reference, you should check it out and make a suggestion to your manager.
  4. by   mistersleepy
    The charts are USELESS. Our pharmacy has a HUGE book of compatibilities for drips. Brand of drug (even the same generic with different mfg)(due to the inactive ingredients), Concentration of drug, and site/rate of infusion all affect the compatability. When in doubt let the pharmacist figure it out, that's what he gets paid for.
  5. by   CougRN
    Go with your pharmacist. That's what they are paid for. They have a lot of knowledge and I trust them above all else.
  6. by   roses1130j
    Yeah! Pharmacy never fails. I just found out they are compatable. But of course make sure to stop the drip of either between bolus's.