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Help trying to figure out about a caregiver job

  1. 0 Hi. So I am a newly graduated RN-BSN in California. Been looking for jobs now for a couple of months with no luck. So I know someone who offered me a caregiver job somewhere in the area. I was wondering if we can work as a caregiver without any training or will it jeopardize our license. The caregiver job consist of working nights to watch the patient, give some medications, and help care for a continuous g-tube. I was wondering if anyone knew if we can do that. Please help.

    -Sorry if I put this topic in the wrong place.
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    The part that makes this problematic is administering meds. Within the scope of practice of an RN or LVN, but not for a caregiver to do, unless private duty arrangement. Since you have a license, you would do well to have a written contract spelling out the details and insure that you have procured malpractice insurance before taking this position. Realize that you will be operating under the auspices of your license, no matter what the job duties. When something goes wrong, the client won't forget that you are licensed. Best wishes.