Help with suprapubic catheter

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    I am a newly licensed LPN and have a question about changing a suprapubic catheter. Is it within my SOP to change this? The reason I am asking is because my mom wants me to learn how to change hers but when I looked in my skills book from school I can only find info on how to care for it but not how to change it.
    I would really appreciate your thoughts.

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    It depends on your state and the facility you work for..start with your BON and ask your SDC. Now, if it's your mother..wether you're a nurse or not may not make any difference as family members are often trained in procedures to assist the patient..check with her Doc or home health provider.
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    That's a good idea. She has home health and doesn't have a problem with the nurse changing it. If she wants me to learn this, I could have her nurse show me while we are at home.
    I think her urologist will not want me to change it because he is a young eccentric know-it-all, but he's very, very good at what he does.

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