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Please help me. I worked as a CNA in this facility (my first job ever) for 8 months and then i acquired my RN license since they have no openings they referred me to their sister facility. The... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Quote from FutureNurse_8708
    This is a tough one. It was so unfair of that place to make you do something that you do not agree with, plus they only gave you 13 days and probably didn't even inform you that you had that little. I would keep that off of my resume completely, but then again, it would be good to have it on there to show that you have some experience. Weigh out your pros and cons.

    Good Luck!
    Thirteen days is not experience. It is nothing more than long enough for someone in a position of power to decide that there is something about you they do not like. I would leave it off.
  2. by   don2
    I would put in my resume my 8mos CNA job and make no mention about ur RN job from other facilities though theyre of sister company yet its another workplace, afterall, if nursing experience is an edge to be employed, what then 13days experience be beneficial for your personal and professional growth, nevertheless, it is insignificant and be doubtful if u mention it. besides, be it a one month or 13days experience, it is still a level entry nurse youll be functioning and be paid. gudluck to your career, let us know about ur progress! Godbless!
  3. by   willowRN
    thank you so much guys for sharing me your insights, it gives me great comfort to have somebody to talk to since i feel so ashamed that i got terminated from my first job. and try as i may i could not see what i could have done more to keep it. having you guys make my burden less heavy.. thank you for all your prayers I'm trying to keep my faith during this very trying time... never have i imagined in all my daydreaming while in nursing school this would happen to me, first rn job and i got fired. i hope to make you understand that i promised myself i'll have a good work history and when they ambushed, it's like i've broken a vow and the life drained out of me.. i'm sorry i can't pick myself up too quickly.. thank you for your kind thoughts
  4. by   79Tango
    First Off, I would like to welcome you to the club. You would be surprised at how many GREAT RNs that have been fired. At least you got it out of the way & can now move on. Sounds like you got put in the grinder.. Dont feel bad--Ive seen people fired for giving eye drops 30minutes late.

    I would list your CNA & RN experience. You do not have to list "Terminated" on the resume and it will show that youve had an RN job. You can put the name of the Facitity and the dates as CNA/RN. Managers will look at you as a New Grad RN and typically wont hold it against you.. As long as your open and honest about it.

    You might let it slip you had 13 days of orientation and tried your best to work with the tools you were given but thats it. I wouldnt blame them for throwing you to the wolves just tell them you tried your hardest and learned from it.
  5. by   freebirdRN86
    i was once told by an HR person that you should only put down jobs that you worked at least a month at.
  6. by   PhoenixAllen
    Quote from willowRN
    Please help me.

    I worked as a CNA in this facility (my first job ever) for 8 months and then i acquired my RN license since they have no openings they referred me to their sister facility...
    Sometimes, in your case, you must start with a superb resume. Try looking here - professional resume
  7. by   Rob72
    Quote from psu_213
    As I said, this was not legal advice, just what I had been told in the past....the last part sounds a bit shady though.
    It is exactly what a private investigator will do when pursuing a defamation of character/slander suit against a company. This is the reason HR will generally say no more than, "Individual X was employeed here from YY-ZZ." Of course, if the respective HR directors went through the same MBA program, you're looking at the Good Ol' Boy Network.

    If you give a general area where you are seeking eomplyment, someone here might be able to tell you if a particular facility has an intership policy. I believe this is standard with Veterans and HCA facilities, at least in the ICs, now.