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Hello, first, I show my regret ahead since this is not a positive happy post. Little background of me, I am 6 months young RN, working at medsurg tele unit. Throughout nursing school, I thought that nurse were the best, that we... Read More

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    "...Once I became an RN and started working... Oh boy was I in for a surprise..."



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    Quote from tarotale
    I want to ultimately become a physician through the military (HSPS) and I do not mind caring for our soldiers and their family because I love and respect them and their services. In order to do so, I need a change in my nursing career. I am looking into 8 hour shift nursing jobs or some different kinds of nursing that is not bedside nursing. I also love the business side of the world. Making business trips, talking and interacting with clients, moving large funds, or maybe just even management side of nursing. These kinds of jobs will shift me away or at least limit me from bedside and also earn me some time for online classes for premed recs. I even looked into legal nurse consultant but they require extensive experience. The thing is, I expect a lot from myself and this does not cut it at all. We all deserve much.better than this and if the only way to increase my QOL is by leaving it, I am ready to bust my bottom even harder to achieve what I want.

    I really appreciate your time for heeding to my sincerity and need of some serious advice. I am not just a hater; it's just not for me, I'm not happy, and I want to be happy. That's what all we want, happiness, and I am sure you will help me find my path. Thank you.

    Military is full up and nobody will talk to you about HPSP until you have that med school acceptance (I did recruiting for a bit). I did ROTC and pre-med in college and if you can't handle the BS in nursing, pre-med classes and the competition to get into med school will almost assuredly burn you out and or slap you around.

    Good luck finding a non-bedside nursing gig that pays decent as a new RN which also fits to your class schedule. It's not going to happen. Go NP or gut out a few more years and go non-bedside because the doctor route isn't IMO the best route for you right now.

    Just being real.
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    I think most of us go through the same thing! Nursing is a shock once you graduate and realized what you gotten yourself into. But don't loose heart. It will get better with time and once you feel more confident in your new role. The first thing you should do find a new job ASAP! (I know thats probably hard with no experience) but since you yourself said no one even want to float there... I would get out of that place real quick. The people you work with and your supervisors can make or brake the place. Next you need to come up with a plan. If its med school then start working to achieve that goal. Start taking your premed classes and take your MCAT. Whatever it is you hope to achieve start soon if your not comfortable where you are. Make it happen and good luck!
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    Yes floor nursing is hard, but I think if you made it this far you should make the best of it. If you really cant stand it maybe you can move on to somewhere else. Most hospitals are places where there are cliques and favoritism. If you are not a favorite or do not play by the cultures rule at any certain organization you will be outcast-ed. Doctors generally believe they are superior to most nurses unless you prove yourself as a competent nurse and don't take any "crap" from them. Management will also not bully you around if you can show them you are a valuable person to the team. Working so many years in hospitals, I seen the tougher nurses, strong willed ones survive that tough environment longer.
    When I was new I felt the same way, not respected and looked down upon, but you can not let someone else dictate how you feel about yourself. You were smart enough to complete nursing school so you are smart and tough enough to handle it.
    My best advice is to stick it out, it will make you stronger, you show them that you can succeed.
    Im sorry to say I worked with so many nurses and doctors that just treated the new ones bad until they were proven competent. I think nursing is the most rewarding job that i have a love hate relationship with but I wouldn't choose any other career. Good luck!

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