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Hello, first, I show my regret ahead since this is not a positive happy post. Little background of me, I am 6 months young RN, working at medsurg tele unit. Throughout nursing school, I thought that... Read More

  1. by   OCRN3
    Yes floor nursing is hard, but I think if you made it this far you should make the best of it. If you really cant stand it maybe you can move on to somewhere else. Most hospitals are places where there are cliques and favoritism. If you are not a favorite or do not play by the cultures rule at any certain organization you will be outcast-ed. Doctors generally believe they are superior to most nurses unless you prove yourself as a competent nurse and don't take any "crap" from them. Management will also not bully you around if you can show them you are a valuable person to the team. Working so many years in hospitals, I seen the tougher nurses, strong willed ones survive that tough environment longer.
    When I was new I felt the same way, not respected and looked down upon, but you can not let someone else dictate how you feel about yourself. You were smart enough to complete nursing school so you are smart and tough enough to handle it.
    My best advice is to stick it out, it will make you stronger, you show them that you can succeed.
    Im sorry to say I worked with so many nurses and doctors that just treated the new ones bad until they were proven competent. I think nursing is the most rewarding job that i have a love hate relationship with but I wouldn't choose any other career. Good luck!