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help...job decision

  1. 0 Hi all. I have worked on a pcu unit for several years. A few months ago, I had an interview with a local hospice. They ultimately did not have a position for me, but I felt really good about the hospice and was very honest and told them I was VERY interested. At that time, I told them that I was probably going to look at an internal transfer at my current facility, but if that if they thought there was anything that would be opening in the next few months I would just stay where I was and wait. They told me that didn't have any idea when a position would be open. Fast forward....I accepted a lateral transfer into our ICU unit and start tomorrow. The hospice called me last week with another position, I interviewed and did a ride along today. I think they will offer me a position. Assuming pay and benefits are similar, this hospice job is VERY attractive to me, but I would feel awful quitting before I even start (in essence), AND I feel like they wouldn't even want to keep me for the 2 week notice, as I'm useless as an employee at this point.

    I do not want to burn any bridges...this hospital system is the largest in our area and I can't afford to lose them as a job opportunity...BUT this other job seems like my dream job. Any thoughts or advice?

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    I'd be surprised if the hospice job pays as well as the hospital - usually - at least the area I live - they do not. BUT, hospice is/can be a very rewarding career and I personally have had hospice care for both of my parents - in 2002 and 2009 - I cannot say enough good about the nurses and other staff. Very supportive and caring. My only advice is to wait and see what hospice offers - if its something you want to do then try to be as honest as you can with your current employer. Hospice positions - again where I'm located - do not open up often - and while I understand you don't want to burn bridges, it may happen anyway but you can't let the "what if" keep you from moving forward with your dream job - good luck -
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    It also depends on what area of nursing you personally enjoy THE most...whereever your heart is! Follow that!!!
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    Wow tough decision, I would have to say follow your heart and listen to where God is leading you. Go with the decison that gives you the most peace!!! I would like to know how this pans out for you. Keep us posted.
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    If you quit, offer them two weeks. Explain that you had applied for the position before taking the transfer, and had no idea that this opportunity would present itself so soon.

    Offer to do any of the following: work out the two weeks, to do your time on your old unit, or throw yourself on the alter of the Goddess of Float for your remaining shifts
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    "throw yourself on the alter of the Goddess of Float" Love that!!!

    My opinion is that you do what you feel is best for you.
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    Hey all...quick update. Hospice did in fact offer me a position and I accepted on Friday. I will be tendering my resignation tomorrow. I will offer to give them the standard notice and offer to work on my old unit. Have no idea what will happen. Will let you know.