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If you were discharged, terminated or fired by Maxim Healthcare, what was the process that occurred? a) Who by title (not name) performed the termination: recruiter, GM/AM, DOCS, Clinical Supervisor, RDOCS or other? b) Was... Read More

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    Not an attorney. GOAL is raising consciousness of employ rights and manager responsibility and to learn about experiences of others at Maxim. Interested in termination procedures experienced at Maxim specifically and of others in general.

    Have noted at Maxim that recruiters, job position without management or supervisory authority and staffers without personnel experience were terminating nurses.
    Concerned that these nurses then had to struggle with a discharge/ termination on their record for future employ. UNEMPLOYMENT insurance is NOT granted if someone is terminated unless the person challenges the reason the company terminated them.

    Also noted that DOCS (Clinical Directors) disappear within a year of hire then a rumor is circulated about their poor performance [not following policy, out of compliance, did not know something]. Interested to know if some former DOCS have experienced this. The turnover in DOCS is high.

    At Will Employ (AWE). Montana has a law that the discharge must be for good reason. Any other states you know of?
    AWE is invalid if the employee was discharged for a PUBLIC POLICY reason. Meaning a violation of a right granted to employees by State or federal government: disability, family-medical-leave, workers compensation, age-race-color, etc., reporting OHSA violations. There should be POSTERS of these RIGHTS on the wall wherever you work to self educate yourself on your rights. Some States have whistleblower laws - meaning reporting company unlawful activity within company or to State (depends on law). If public policy rights have been violated the employee can file a CLAIM with the State or federal govt, whichever applies, without an attorney. If the State/Fed investigator opines that public policy right has been violated then the State/Fed agency (like EEOC) will represent the employee without an attorney, for no fee.

    Personnel/HR files: Some States grant employee right to copy their HR file. Oregon. Anyone know of any others? Concerned that Samadams8 has seen HR files changed unethically. Encourage all employees to obtain a COPY OF ANY HR FORM SIGNED, especially performance evaluations, as soon as they are signed.
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    Please do research on your own and don't bother us here. This is a nursing forum, not a lawyer's.

    Thank you and goodbye.
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    Quote from JoytoWorld
    Not an attorney. etc etc etc
    So, you're a paralegal. Good luck with your case, but do your work on your own and stop trolling here.
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    Closed for review
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    This is straying into wanting personal stories of terminations specifically and we can not nor do we want our posters being too free with information on the internet. Thanks for your interest in this topic but it is not something we can help you with.

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