Health information and the media's ignorance... grrr!

  1. My sister's been in the Atlanta area news lately d/t a group A strep infection she had developed back in April. Some news outlets get it right, but several are SO ready to instill hysteria by calling it something other than what it is. First I was irked that one of them decided to call it Scarlet Fever (I even wrote to the reporter to correct him, concerned that erroneous information would cause hysteria that Scarlet Fever routinely shuts down organs and kills people, but he never changed his online report), and now this news outlet decided she had the flesh-eating bacteria. Yes, group A strep causes both of these things, but it's NOT what she actually had. They interview my sister and bro-in-law, and they clearly tell everyone it was a systemic infection, her organs had shut down. Still dangerous, but not as sexy or glamorous as the flesh-eating variety. This really bothers me. What say you?
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  3. by   geminiBSN75
    Its scary that we don't know who we can really trust.
    Most people would think that the reporter has done their research and is stating FACTS!!!!
    I'm sorry this has happened to your sister. (and to the people of Atlanta listening to this news 'report')
  4. by   AgentBeast
    They are in the business of selling advertisements first. Factually reporting the news comes a distant second.