Has anyone ever had to call Police & file charges against a Patient? - page 2

has anyone ever had to call police & file charges against a patient? part 1. if so, what support did you get from your administration? did they back you, or did they purposely obstruct your case or discouraged you from... Read More

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    As cardiac states in missouri where I am it is an equal offense to harm and or assault a health care provider. I have personally watched a pt get tazed for trying to inflict bodily harm on my partner and I.... Its a big no no to come after anyone i work with or myself i just don't put up with it.

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    In IL it's a felony to commit battery on a health care worker. The justification...? The assumption is that the charge will probably be plea bargained down to a lesser degree. Therefore a charge will still stick.
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    I had a pt when I was in nursing school that was arrested along with his visitor for smoking crack in his room,
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    Yep - have done it twice in the 10 years I worked in ER:

    1. First incident - I was walking down the hall, pt broke out of security officer's grasp, came thru the curtains and hit me in the face...truly I was just walking down the hall, minding my own business when this dude jumped me. I got a bruised face and black eye out the deal....he went to jail for 6 months and has another felony to add to his record.

    2. Second incident, pt spit in my face. Yep, pressed charges again and he went to jail for 30 days.

    Both times, administration totally backed me up, had no problems at all. In IL, its a felony to assault a health care worker while they are doing their jobs.
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