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Happy nursing?!?

  1. 0 I'm a very, very burnt nurse. I have compassion burnout and just overall stress burnout.Is there a "happy" job in nursing? Sure, helping people is great, while my job is overwhelmingly stressful and if you figured out my hours work vs. what I am paid for, I make minimum wage.....I just can't deal with the depression and responsibility. I need something upbeat.I'd love to do mother/baby. Not all happy, but majority. I floated there a little back in the day. Very hard to get a job in.I'm just scared I'm burning out of the profession all together. Sometimes I'm scared I made a mistake.I just need a not so depressing , a little less stressful area. I'm just afraid I hurt myself by jot having a job for a full year in the last 2 years. I left my first nursing job after 5 years. Big mistake, but what I had to do at the time.
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    You know, I'd love to know as well.