Good idea to keep job in hospital while in RN school? - page 4

Hi just wondering your thoughts re school and hospital job? I understand that New RNs are having a hard time getting jobs. Do you think its easier to get a job if you already work in the hospital(as... Read More

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    Quote from GrnTea
    Nowadays, when many employers advertise for nurses with experience they mean experience as a registered nurse, because this is a very different skill set.
    True. but I'd think that would still put you ahead of all the new RN grads with no clinical experience, most other things being equal.

    Quote from GrnTea
    Whether there is any advantage, much less whether it's significant, is largely local.
    But I could be wrong. (Shouldn't there be a smiley with question marks over his head?)

    I haven't done a serious study, but it appears that, around here, people with previous clinical experience have had an easier time finding their first RN job, but in general it hasn't been very easy for most people. This area is a tough market for finding any kind of work.

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