Getting the spark back....

  1. This year is my 7th year of nursing and over the last few months I seemed to have gotten my "spark" back. I'm suddenly energized to work with new nurses and feel as though I can make a difference. I'm involved in my unit's unit based council and after working on it for 2 years- seem to feel as though I can take it on again. This is my question- I want to work on building team spirit and making a better work enviroment. It's been brought to my attention that I may have fallen into some "cliches" and I'm trying to break that. I need some ideas, thoughts, words of wisdom and everyone elses' experiences. I want to spread the spark and make other people feel it too!
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Congratulations, ivorybunny! Life does seem to go in cycles. It's good to hear that you feel re-entergized.

    I have been fortunate enough to have worked in a couple of healthy environments that were both pleasing and productive. Back in the late '80's, I worked in a Hospital-based Chemical Dependency Treatment Unit. Both Patients and Staff were encouraged to follow the Philosophy of the 12 Step program. We were encouraged to attend at least one 12 Step Meeting a month. The Staff attempted to apply the Principles and Philosophy to our work and our lives.

    We followed a Team Concept and pretty much made our own Unit rules. For example, all members af the Treatment Team had an equal say in the establishment of Policies, Procedures, and implementation of Treatment. Of course, if a disagreement arose, the Individual ultimately responsible took precedence over the decision-making process.

    A list of "12 Guidelines" was generated through Professional experienced Counselors with a consensual adherence agreement among Staff. One that comes to mind was "no gossiping among staff". Our duty to each other was to be reminded of these Guidelines we each had agreed upon.

    Our Agreement, like the 12 Step Program, was an ongoing program of progress. The Staff met regularly and discussed progress, perspectives, and plans.

    I thought it was all kind of silly at the start. However, I became a believer when I saw an actual Team come into existence through dedication and belief. And, even though I went through a couple of major life changes, those were some of the best years of my Nursing career.

    There was also a really good book I owed and used when I was a Nursing Supervisor, entitled Meditations for Managers. Sadly, it, like a lot of my best books, are somewhere on somebody else's shelves. I couldn't even find it when I put its name in my search engine. Maybe you will have more luck.

    What ever path you decide to follow, I wish you the best in your worthy endeavor.

  4. by   lawandaluxnurse
    Thanks for your post I found it inspiring. I think there are alot of healthcare staff out there that could benefit from this idea. Thanks again!!!