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It's only April but I am getting another cold, or URI or whatever it is- this is the fourth time I've been sick since December. I had a doc appt today, but she did not seem concerned and did not Rx me anything. I've been... Read More

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    Perhaps you never really got over your last infection, and need to have a culture done of what you are coughing up. One of our staff had this problem. Three back to back URIs turned out to be H. Influenzae. When finally she was given the appropriate antibiotic to treat it, the problem resolved.

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    Quote from fmwf
    Could it be somethings else/too/in addition...EBV...Candida...?
    Might be way off, but I was there too, had to find a good family physician who really got to the bottom of it. I made some simple dietary changes too! But that was the way for the first 3 yrs of nursing for me too!

    What is EBV? E.Bola Virus?
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    I've been healthy as can be. There must a reason you are catching things. Stress, not enough sleep, something that's lowering your immunity. Exercise also boosts the immune system as long as it's not too strenuous. Vitamin D is important to the immune system. I also like to replenish my digestive tract with probiotics occasionally, and I stay far, far away from doctors and their antibiotics.

    Too many nurses don't take good care of themselves. They work long hours, eat poor quality foods, skimp on sleep, keep working when they're sick and then will end up needing medications that have side effects that contribute to the downward health spiral.
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    I LOVE your post..I get sick ALL the time:cold, cough, VIRUSes of any sort, etc, ever since I had bronchitis 5yrs ago that the doctor did absolutely NOTHING for, for 8weeks. My immune system was severely compromised and I was working on a med/surg unit as a CNA @ the time :-/.....I will start washing my hands before I pick my nose!!! Thank you
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    Quote from Valerie Salva
    What is EBV? E.Bola Virus?
    EBV- Epstein-Barr Virus
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    Quote from Valerie Salva
    What is EBV? E.Bola Virus?
    Epstein Barr Virus....(Mono :>>)
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    Oops posted before I got to the bottom of the thread...:>>

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