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:o Ok, here's the story. I work in a small rural hospitals ER. Tonight an MVA came in.... by two ambulances... 6 patients total at change of shift. My ex takes care of the kids (12 and 8) while I work most of the time. I... Read More

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    Sounds a LOT manipulative. I'm going to say this at the risk of offending, but a truly good father sets a good example. The example you describe is irresponsible, manipulative, ?lazy, and not too bright. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Originally posted by galenight
    Thank you all for your advice and ideas. I realize I did leave out a few key details while trying to make the post short. When we divorced he was out of work. Our verbal arrangement was that he would watch the kids for me while I worked and I wouldn't hound him about the measely child support I ask him to pay.. (don't faint, $20 per week) And he does not have a suitable place in which to take the kids, so he stays at my house to watch them. Yes, I do work afternoon, and he now works days. He still doesn't pay me the child support most of the time. I have chosen not to involve friend of the court so that he stays involved with the kids. He loves them very much and is a good Daddy (but a lousy husband). I'm not sure if the threats of leaving the state are real, but I don't want to take that chance. He has wanted to move to Florida forever, and that's what he says he will do if I "go after him" for child support. He also says he will then work "under the table" so they can't garnish his wages. As for the childcare issue, I have had many babysitters since we split, with little success. I live in a very rural area without many daycare centers and all the ones I've checked out don't keep kids after 6 or 7 p.m. And the ones I've hired to come into my house all had different issues, one of them being they needed guaranteed hours.. which I can understand. Plus, I want them to go to sleep in their own beds. We are normally very amicable. This, and money are our main issues. We have both made sacrifices in order to make this the best possible situation for the kids (with of course, the exception of getting back together). I know he is doing this as a control thing, but I still don't know how to handle it without cutting down his time with the kids. Thanks again for your input!!
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    (oops...)I think congrats are in order for got away from this manipulator...reading his threats to move to Fla,work under the table to prevent you from garnishing his wages....this just outrages me...I don't have anything to add to previous posts-but here is a hug of support-and a pat on the back for getting away...

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